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Woman of the Week is a program highlighting DWEN members and the impact they are making in their communities. Be sure to explore the women who have been featured to read about their entrepreneurial journeys and best advice for navigating the entrepreneurial life.

What surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

You never stop being one. Even when the company is off the ground, you should always be on the tip toes, constantly evolving and innovating. Complacency should never set in.

Your advice to female entrepreneurs?

Redefining my self-identity while going through life and career transitions was my turning point to step into my authenticity.

Here's a little bit about Jenny

Jenny D. Safransky, Founder of JDS Projects is an expert in client management and brand partnerships. A Bay Area Native with over 9+ years of experience in the advertising agency world, marketing and most recently securing brand partnerships for Music’s Biggest Brand, the GRAMMYs. Her goal is to share her knowledge and empower her clients by giving them access to tools for success. She is responsible for securing major brand & endorsement deals for some of the most diverse women creators, influencers and thought leaders out there. She helps them level up and tap into missed opportunities.

Here's a little bit about Adelena

Ms Adelena Lestari Chong is a successful, dynamic and strategic thought leader. She helps businesses be more successful and profitable through personal development and profitable connectivity. As a leadership coach, Adelena is an expert in identifying what motivates a person’s actions and results, that either moves them towards their success or draws them back. She assists leaders to strengthen their intellectual faculties so they begin to consistently live in possibilities and experience exponential results.

Tracie Jae, USA

Here's a little bit about Tracie

Tracie Jae founded The Quiet Rebel, which uses conversations laced with L.O.V.E. to incrementally and organically shift the status quo. Their core offering is a curated space for participants to listen to and learn from each other's lived experiences regarding race and culture. Tracie says, "I have had my most traditional success when I followed my gut instincts."

Sabina Saksena, USA

Here's a little bit about Sabina

Minnesota DWEN Chapter Leader Sabina Saksena is the founder of Cytilife, a tech company that works with college campuses, and has been doing so especially during COVID. Cytilife’s Smart Campus solution is mirrored and inspired by Smart Cities solutions, which is inspired by the notion of using smart technologies and data to transform the everyday lives of people to be more productive, healthy, resilient, and happier.

Miwa Tanaka, Japan

Your advice to female entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs are still a minority in society as a whole. In many cases, we have similar challenges. I would be very happy if I could share the knowledge and networks I acquired and grow together to make an even greater impact.

Megan Zink, USA

Here's a little bit about Megan

I am a photographer, content marketer and travel lover by nature. However, due to the current worldwide pandemic and having been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (an auto-immune disease) 20 years ago, travel is out of the question for me right now. It's devastating, to say the least. But I have decided to put my passions to use to create a new platform, called Color & Curiosity, which aims to encourage lifelong learning (especially through travel) and amplifying the stories of womxn who do it - entrepreneurs, women in tech, solo travelers, creatives - everyone - in an effort to help lift up their voices and accomplishments to present them with chances to grow outside their own networks.

Natalie Nixon, USA

Here's a little bit about Natalie

Natalie believes in the value of a pause – her new book is about just that! She made a shift after her 16-year career as a professor to pursue a creative spark. That spark led to the creation of her new book, The Value of the Pause.

Beatriz Alves, USA

Best advice you've recieved from a fellow entrepreneur?

Believe in yourself!! My advice to female entrepreneurs It won't be easy, be resilient and ask for help when you find it necessary

Stephanie Morimoto, USA

What makes DWEN stand out to you?

I love the diversity of members - the range of business types and sizes, geographies, experiences. I think DWEN is also doing a good job of sending content and resources that are timely and accessible - not too much, not too little.

Trecia Warnholz, USA

Here's a little bit about Trecia

I’m passionate about digital media and design and the way in which digital communication connects people, creates relationships, and inspires customers. District Digital is a boutique Web Development & Digital Marketing Company focused on providing personal, tailored web development and digital products for our clients. We believe in one digital reflection of your business across online platforms. Our mission is to empower our customers and partners to successfully and effectively accomplish their goals. We are small, nimble and competitively priced and have successfully served many businesses, charities and foundations in the DC metro area.

Dazia Rice, USA

What is the best advice you've ever received?

The BEST advice I've received was from a Top Producing Realtor from Atlanta, G.A by the name of Quiana Watson. I reached out to her prior to starting my business and asked her for advice. Her response was simple: "Take advantage of free advertising. Educate people through your social media posts. Learn about programs to assist in homeownership and follow up with all contacts weekly and always stay consistent."

Vikki Jones, USA

Here's a little bit about Vikki

Vikki is the Founder/CEO of VMH Publishing, a full-service book publishing platform built specifically for quality writers, creative and innovative minds. Vicky recently shared with the DWEN Community an issue of her company's magazine that's full of resources for small business owners.

Jigisha Thakor, USA

Here's a little bit about Gigi

As a Financial Adviser and Insurance Professional, Gigi has been helping her clients protect and achieve their financial goals for over 10 years. She is also a Co-Leader of the New Jersey Chapter.

Tiffany Tirres, USA

Here's a littl bit about Tiffany

Tiffany is the Co-Founder and COO of WayWiser, a financial services platform with a mission to protect older adults from financial fraud and exploitation and help them live their best life. During COVID, WayWiser started working with Assisted Living Facilities and Slack to help keep its community members connected with their families during isolation.

Esha Clearfield, USA

Here's a little bit about Esha

Esha is the Founder of Enriched Family, which is offering a 25% discount during the months of April and May to help support parents as they balance the demands of working from home, homeschooling, and childcare.

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Woman of the Week is a program highlighting DWEN members and the impact they are making in their communities. Be sure to explore the women who have been featured to read about their entrepreneurial journeys her best advice for navigating the entrepreneurial life.