Interested in empowering women in your community? Consider joining or starting a local DWEN chapter.

What is a DWEN Chapter?

Chapters are groups of members who come together to build and engage with a local network of peers in their region. Chapters provide networking opportunities and add value for members and their businesses through peer support and knowledge sharing.

Chapters vary in size and model, but all are led by a Chapter Leader, who is a volunteer from the DWEN membership. Some groups may only meet online using our community site and others may host regular meetups and events. Chapter leaders support members in identifying topics, speakers and meeting ideas that will be appealing to all. Whether virtual or in-person – the objectives are the same – to help members to connect, inspire and transform together!

Getting Involved

DWEN has active chapters around the globe – see below to see if one is near you. Don’t see one in your region? You can help start one! We recommend chapters begin virtually by using this site – simply complete the steps below to start a group. Once setup, we will contact you to support you in any questions you may have as you get started. We ask you only start a group if you’re interested in being the designated Chapter Leader for your group. Please note, DWEN is currently not launching chapters that are within driving distance of an already established chapter.

What does becoming a Chapter Leader entail?

Chapter leaders support us in engaging DWEN community members and prospective members year-round through in-person meetings and events, as well as online networking and discussion. You will be critical in helping DWEN deliver on its mission to members in your region. We recommend any new chapters start small by leveraging our community platform, and once you have an active membership, then consider hosting in-person meetups.

For virtual chapters, leaders support the community by monitoring conversations, inviting members, sharing resources and encouraging members to get active.

For in-person meetings, leaders are the primary contact for planning and executing events, but we encourage you to get others involve. Chapter Leaders are responsible for:

• Facilitating local meeting logistics, efforts, and agenda curation
• Supporting the online community activities
• Engaging members
• Initiating communication for upcoming meetings with support from DWEN Headquarters
• Serving as the point of contact for members, Dell Employees, and partners in the local community.
• Engaging in the DWEN online community

While we do not lead the planning for local chapter events, we are will work with chapter leaders to ensure you have resources, ideas and support in promoting and preparing for your program. Meeting funding is available for eligible chapters by request.

Want to learn more?

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