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I am a graduate from UK Universities, University of Lincoln for Bsc Computing and City, University  of London for Masters in Business Systems Analysis and Design.

I returned to Nigeria in 2013 and started working in Education Technology based on my experience in the UK working as a Teacher and Elearning support.

For my national service in Nigeria, I worked in a state University, taught software engineering and also implemented Moodle Elearning platform.

After national service, I worked with a private University as a consultant implementing Moodle Elearning platform, which turned out to be a good investment for the University as they are able to continue learning away from the university as a result of COVID-19. This is not the case with many other Universities in Nigeria.

I started out on Entrepreneurship journey based on my experience working at the Universities. But it wasn’t an easy journey but I continue.

I am currently working on implementation an Elearning platform as a service for Education Institutions, Individuals Educators and Businesses leveraging on AWS cloud hosting and Moodle Elearning platform.

I am also working full time as a community manager at the EdTech Centre of an Education University in Nigeria, the role I started in January 2020 when we were still oblivious of what lies ahead in a few months.

My role was running day to day activities at the Centre and being a resource person for the University Community toward integrating Technology into their classroom.

With COVID19, social distancing and lockdown, I have been working from home since March 2020, planning and facilitating online learning to help both Students and Lecturers transition to online teaching and learning leveraging on Google tools for Education and Microsoft Team.












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