Member Voices: From CEO to Business Leader: 3 Key Soft Skills to Leverage in Order to Go & Grow Your Business

Tuesday, September 24, 2024 @ 10am CT / 3pm UTC

Once you commit to running a business you are not just a CEO – Chief Executive Officer, you are also chief encouragement officer and chief navigator. You may run numbers and make the sales, but you also are responsible for overseeing the vision, establishing the culture, and building the people. Along with technical and contextual ability, applying key soft skills can make all the difference in creating a successful business.

Whether you are a new business owner ready to go, or a seasoned business owner who is ready to grow, knowing how to exercise agility, adaptability, and active listening will help you on your journey.

3 Key Takeaways:
• Defining soft skills and sharing the importance for business leaders
•An understanding of agility, adaptability, and active listening
•An understanding of how to apply agility, adaptability, and active listening in leadership roles

Speaker: Ashley M. Martin, CEO & Servant Leader, Leadership Lady

About Ashley

“You learn something new every day” is a philosophy Ashley Martin lives by. She blends her love for educating, encouraging, and equipping others into dynamic conversations, training sessions, and talks. Ashley has served ten years in a large, urban school district as a teacher and then an administrator. She was pushed into destiny and followed her dreams to expand her work as an author, speaker, and trainer. Ashley also serves in the faith-based community partnering with local churches and non-profit organizations. She self-published Focus: Productive Leadership in Action, a book that provides simple strategies to overcome distractions and lead a more productive life.

Bringing action, activation, and accountability, Ashley wears many hats – author, educator, mentor, and sister friend. She has a heart for leaders and the next generation and is a mission to help others become the best versions of themselves. Ashley holds a B.A. in Psychology from Scripps College (Claremont, CA) and a Master of Educational Leadership from the University of St. Thomas (Houston, TX). She holds some other business and professional certifications that enhance the work she does.

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