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How to get the most from Windows 11 on Dell PCs

By: Sam Burd, President, Client Solutions Group, Dell Technologies

Windows 11 is almost here and we’re eager for people to experience the new features on Dell PCs for the first time. 

Technology is such a big part of how we live and work, so we teamed up with EMOTIV to study how the human brain reacts to using a computer. We learned that:

  • People can achieve 37% more in a workday using a new PC that supports modern software and services. That equates to 15 hours saved in a 40-hour work week. 
  • At the other end of the spectrum, a bad PC experience makes people feel twice as stressed. In fact, it makes people feel 30% more stressed than being asked to sing a song in public. 

An amazing PC optimized to work with the latest operating system makes a huge impact on what we’re able to accomplish. That’s why our engineering team has been working to make the Windows 11 experience best on Dell PCs.

Experience Matters

At Dell, we’re continuously innovating and elevating the PC experience to better fit how people use our devices for work and play. We believe experiences drive the PC’s evolution and its critical role in today’s do anything from anywhere world.

We have been working with Microsoft to make sure the Windows 11 experience on your Dell PC is exceptional. With Windows 11, Microsoft is introducing new widgets, snap layouts and Teams features to keep folks productive, connected and up to date on what matters most to them. Combine that with gorgeous industry-leading narrow border displays available on our products, and you’ll have the screen real estate available to make the most of these new features – all on a device that caters to your individual style.

Our commercial PCs have built-in intelligence that learns and adapts to how you work. Dell Optimizer automatically fine-tunes application performance, battery life, audio quality and connectivity – making it easier to work and collaborate with colleagues. Together with the new productivity features available on Windows 11, we are delivering the most personalized computing experience on the world’s most intelligent business PCs.

For more on Windows 11 and our work with Microsoft to bring this alive on Dell PCs, here’s an update from Microsoft’s Panos Panay: :

How to Get Windows 11

Starting tomorrow, we’ll have laptops, desktops, 2-in1s and All-in-Ones available on dell.com and through select partners with Windows 11 preinstalled so you can begin your Windows 11 experience on a new Dell device. And in the next couple weeks we’ll announce several brand-new PCs for consumers and businesses that will make the most of the new operating system

For customers who already own a Windows-based Dell PC and want to upgrade to Windows 11, we recommend checking the Dell upgrade eligibility list to determine if your current PC is eligible for the upgrade. If it is, Microsoft will be offering Windows 11 upgrades on a rolling basis and the timing of your upgrade will vary by device. You can check if your upgrade is ready by going to Settings>Windows Updates on your device. 

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