TECHTALK: Maximizing IT Services: Empowering Startups & Small Businesses

Dive into the world of IT services and uncover strategies for startups and small businesses to leverage them effectively. Explore topics ranging from enhancing bottom-line performance to bolstering security, troubleshooting challenges, managing risks and recovery, and staying abreast of tech trends. Join us for valuable insights to optimize your business operations.

Key Learning Objectives:
– Understand how different IT service options can positively impact the bottom line of startups and small businesses.
– Learn strategies for enhancing cybersecurity, troubleshooting IT issues, and effectively managing risks and recovery.
– Explore emerging tech trends and how to adapt IT services to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape.


Oren Fisher は、急速に拡大する中小企業およびスタートアップ環境で 5 年以上の経験を持つ Dell Technologies アドバイザーです。 IT の運用と実装を専門とする Oren は、その経験を活用して、中小企業、新興企業、起業家のユニークで多様なニーズをサポートする戦略的なエンドツーエンドのテクノロジー ソリューションをカスタム設計します。

About Lori
Lori Tisinai has dedicated her entire career to the field of technology. In 1999, she founded Computer Concepts USA, a company that specializes in assisting individuals and small businesses in safeguarding their data, assets, and client information. Alongside her team, Lori offers a range of services including training, IT consulting, data backup solutions, networking, and, crucially, cybersecurity measures to protect against digital threats. She is a regular contributor to industry publications and a sought-after speaker at conferences, where she shares her insights on the latest cybersecurity trends, threats, and protection strategies.

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