Cinq façons de se tenir au courant des dernières technologies cette année

The world of technology is continually changing. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen technologies like IA générative and automation take the business world by storm. 


With new and exciting technology around every corner, it’s only natural that founders want to take advantage of the latest tools – but it can be a struggle to keep up. Life is busy as an entrepreneur and not everyone has the time to undertake hours of research to discover what’s out there.

De l’expansion de votre réseau à la connexion avec des leaders d’opinion, voici cinq façons simples de vous tenir au courant des dernières technologies en 2024.


1. Build up your network online

Your network can be an incredible source of information for new tech tools. Take some time to build connections with other entrepreneurs either at a similar stage or slightly ahead of your business. 


To do this, LinkedIn should be your first port of call. Not only can you connect with local entrepreneurs in your industry, but you can join relevant groups where founders share their experiences and reviews of new tools.


There are also some great online networking groups that will help you connect with other founders. The Réseau des femmes entrepreneurs Dell (DWEN) brings together inspiring women entrepreneurs from around the world to help them support each other, scale their businesses and succeed. En savoir plus sur l'adhésion ici.


2. Attend local or national startup events

In addition to online networking, look for in-person events you can attend. To find out what events are available near you, head to sites such as Eventbrite, Meetup or even LinkedIn. Both DWEN and Dell pour les startups run a number of live events, from social hours to pitching showcases, so check event listings regularly if you’re a member.


Large conferences often feature panels of experts and technology demos, providing a glimpse of what’s on the horizon – but these can be expensive to attend and usually require a few days out of the office.


If you want events that can easily integrate into your work week, look for tech-focused breakfast events or more casual founder meetups. You won’t necessarily get the same depth of insight as national events, but it’s a useful way to keep your finger on the pulse of the latest changes.


3. Find a newsletter you love

An easy way to stay up to date with the latest tech tools and trends is by signing up for mailing lists. There’s a huge range out there, whether you’re looking for news coverage, roundups of new products or inspirational stories to fuel your curiosity.  


If you’re not sure what to subscribe to, have a quick search around popular newsletters online or ask your fellow peers if they have any suggestions. Sign up to a few different ones and see what grabs your interest. 


If you find yourself automatically deleting a newsletter as it comes in, it’s time to unsubscribe and try something else. Learning about new technology should feel exciting and get you inspired, so keep going until you find a newsletter that you can’t wait to open each week.


4. Explore educational resources

If you want to go deeper on a specific area or improve your own skills with new technology, seek out resources like articles, whitepapers, videos or books. Listening to podcasts is also great if you’re short on time, as you can tune into these while on the go.


Look for webinars that feature technology experts too. These will not only help you learn about the latest technology, but there’s usually the opportunity to submit any questions you have. If you can’t tune in live, catch up on demand when you’ve got a free moment in your schedule.


Dell’s webinar series, Discussions techniques, looks at how IT leaders are addressing the top business challenges of today. Discussing everything from AI to modernizing your business, find all the episodes of Tech Talks here.


5. Follow thought leaders on social media

Thought leaders are authorities in their field, who lead others in the thinking around a certain topic. They use a combination of expertise, insight and experience to break down complex topics and provide guidance for others.


Following thought leaders on social media can be incredibly valuable for early-stage founders who are still becoming familiar with the space. It’s a quick way to learn about new developments and keep any relevant new technology on your radar.


Start by looking at the LinkedIn profiles of peers or industry experts you respect. See who they’re following and which posts they’ve liked or shared recently, and browse profiles from there. You can also look for speakers who have given keynote addresses or sat on panels at technology conferences, and follow them on LinkedIn.  



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