Next-Generation Technology: AI, Web3, and Blockchain

Join us as we talk all about next gen tech including AI, Web3 and blockchain with renowned tech influencer and author, Sandy Carter. In this session, Sandy will generously share her insights on how these cutting-edge developments are poised to impact both small businesses and startups. Inspired by her book, The Tiger and the Rabbit: Harnessing the Power of the Metaverse, WEB3, and AI for Business Success, Sandy will unravel the intricate relationship between traditional industry leaders (“The Tiger”) and agile, innovative startups (“The Rabbit”). Through relatable examples and practical guidance, she’ll show us how organizations can harness emerging technologies to fuel innovation, propel digital transformations, and maintain a competitive edge in our ever-changing landscape. Whether you’re a seasoned tech entrepreneur or a small business owner trying to make sense of how this new tech applies to you and your business, this session is your ticket to staying in the know about the exciting future of tech.

À propos du conférencier

À propos de Sandy

Sandy Carter is Senior Vice President and Channel Chief at Unstoppable Domains. In this role, she is responsible for driving new partnerships and integrations for Web 3.0, Blockchain, and NFTs. She is the founder of Women of Web3. Her mission is to onboard the world onto the decentralized web by building blockchain based identity platform. She helps her partners and customers accomplish that through the Unstoppable domain names which are minted as NFTs allowing users to replace hundreds of archaic cryptocurrency addresses with a single human-readable name that simplifies crypto transfers. The domains can also host decentralized websites, act as a chat ID and more. NFT Domains are user owned & controlled, and have no renewal fees.

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