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You Don’t Need A Website (Unless You Want to Grow & Scale) 

By Ari Krzyek, CEO and Head of Strategy of Chykalophia

If you are a #businessowner, making a website for your business might have crossed your mind now and then. But you still don’t have one, so either you’re still working on it or you’re not quite convinced it’s something that you need. After all, your business has been running okay without a website, right?

However, if you want your business to grow and scale – not just okay – having a website is the way to leverage your marketing and sales.

So, what exactly does a website do for your business?

Branding & Credibility

There’s no denying that you have competitors offering the same products or services as you do. So, what makes your business different? Why should people buy from you?

A website can help your business stand out from the crowd. You can convey your value proposition, vision and mission, brand story, and the people working on your business. This helps humanize your brand and builds trust. People can feel connected with your business, thus increasing the possibility of them making purchases and even promoting your business to their friends.

Gain Leads

Did you know that 97% of users search online to find information about a local business? Without a website, you lower the chance of these people finding your business, hence losing potential customers.

On the contrary, having a good, SEO-optimized website can increase your business visibility. You can even create a delightful customer experience on your website, making sure visitors leave your site with your business in mind, or even with a purchase in hand.

Digital Marketing 

With your business up and running, you should have a decent customer base already. Maybe you even actively promote it on social media, which is excellent! However, there are limitations to promoting offline and on social media.

First, your Instagram and Facebook accounts are not really yours. Imagine renting a space in a shopping center. The shopping center can change its policy anytime and your business will have to adjust, right?

This is similar to social media. Any changes made by Facebook affect your business page in some way, such as lower reach and impressions, having to completely change your content strategy, etc.

Secondly, the number of searches in Google has no competition to date (approximately 6.2 billion searches every single day). To say the market is huge is an understatement.

Who needs to have a website? 

You. Your business. There are almost 300 million active internet users in the U.S. That alone should be a reason every business needs a website unless you don’t want your business to grow or you have zero competition. 

When do you need to have a website? 

The sooner, the better. The sooner you have a website, the more time you have to build your SEO ranking, A/B test your interface, measure your data, and fix any possible bugs. Learn more about this in our article here. 

Wondering how to make a website for your business?  

If you’re not familiar with web design and development, talking to an expert is highly recommended. However, there are also plethora of options to get you started with your website creation from platforms like, Squarespace, Shopify, ou Webflow. 

About Ari Krzyek, CEO and Head of Strategy of Chykalophia

Ari Krzyek is leading the bright, creative, and tech-savvy teams at Chykalophia. Chykalophia is a woman minority-owned web agency helping Femtech DTC & women-led brands transform their website to unlock business opportunities. Through their proven process, they get their clients the clarity they need to craft a brand that delights their customers beyond pretty design, and delivers no-brainer UX. Chykalophia builds the underlying web framework and tools that enable them to sell at scale. It leads to growth once it is implemented.

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