How to Quiet Your Inner Critic and Create Confidence that Lasts

Is your self-talk working FOR you… or AGAINST you? Newsflash–if it’s negative, it’s having more of an impact than just making you grouchy or unhappy. When your mind is consumed with negativity, you get less done and you feel worse doing it. The good news is that you can learn to change your self-talk in a way that lasts—and that’s exactly what you’ll learn in this information-packed, interactive webinar. Stop negative self-talk that’s keeping you stuck in fear or doubt, or feeling like you’re not good enough, smart enough, not [fill in the blank] enough.

You Will Learn:
• Why healthy self-talk is critical for success, focus, and self-worth.
• The 5-step formula for stopping unhealthy self-talk as it happens.
• 4 easy-to-use yet incredibly powerful tools to shift your self-talk so that it lifts you up instead of tearing your down.

About Marcy McDonald, Mindset and Self-Talk Expert

Marcy McDonald is a self-talk expert, mindset expert, and internationally certified End of Life Doula. She helps women who struggle to believe in themselves gain powerhouse confidence, so they have the clarity, drive, energy, and focus they need to build a life worth living. Even women who are highly successful have often been telling themselves emotionally unhealthy messages to build their businesses, but in the long run find this unsustainable. Clearing out limiting beliefs makes scaling a business possible.

Her latest book, UnStuck Yourself: Daily Practice with the Right Tools Will Change Your Life, released in October of 2023 and was an international bestseller in 4 categories within a day of launch. She’s the author of Build Happiness: Change Your Perspective and Change Your Life, and the creator of the unique coaching tool, UnBlocks. In addition, Marcy is a contributing author in Volume 5 of the internationally best-selling series, Transforming Your Life.

Marcy is an escapee from the corporate world, where she was a six-figure senior leader and created multiple products that reached a million dollars in sales in the first year of launch. She has worked with 100s of the top experts and … now she has poured her experience into a unique, transformational coaching program for those who want to shift their mindset so they can confidently pursue their dreams in business and in life. Her proprietary process of numbering your days while changing your self-talk is key to unlocking lasting change.

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