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Businesses We Love.

From start-up to straight upward, we are spotlighting businesses we love and their successes.

Now more than ever businesses are moving in to hyper-agile mode, and revaluating everything. Small Business owners are finding their resilient and pioneering spirit, and we want to highlight those trailblazers, disruptors and visionaries in our new series, Businesses We Love.

Me & the Bees

What started as a lemonade stand to help save the bees has now evolved into Me & the Bees — a social good lemonade company celebrating 10 years of business resilience. As the founder and CEO, 16-year-old Mikaila is all about turning lemons into lemonade with help from her hive, including family and the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network community.

Having a hive is important to me because it provides me with the tools and expertise in order to keep growing.​

– Mikaila Ulmer

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Rahmée Wetterich
NOH NEE, Germany

" 'We / I believe in you!' This sentence stands for strength and confidence. I personally associate that with DWEN. Thank you!"

Clare Harris
Founder of Talking Tables, UK

"DWEN has stretched my horizons and ambitions as a founder. It has given me confidence by meeting other women founders in a worldwide stage. It has supported on practical sharing of good ideas, practices and tools."

Cathie Reid
Icon Group Australia

"The global focus of the DWEN events and community really helps with applying a broader lens to thinking and problem solving. Most of the other networks I’m involved with are much more local, and the global nature of DWEN is it’s key point of difference to me."

Martha Van Berkel
Schema App, Canada

"As a newer entrepreneur, DWEN has provided me role models, stories, wisdom and friendships to walk with me in my journey. For this I am so grateful. I keep in touch with a group of women from DWEN who now inspire me and one that mentors me directly"