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From startup to established small business, technology plays a key part in driving your success. Join us to learn from Dell Small Business Advisors, subject matter experts, and partners like Microsoft and Intel to understand the role technology plays in your business and how to use it to grow and scale.

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How to Use Multi-Cloud to Make Your Small Business or Startup More Resilient Than Ever

Speakers: Magi Kapoor, Senior Director, Multicloud Product Management at Dell Technologies and Tazin Khan, CEO and Founder at Cyber Collective

Aired live on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 @ 11:30am CT / 4:30pm UTC

Multi-cloud (using multiple cloud solutions at the same time) has huge potential for small businesses and startups. It offers greater flexibility and security, as well as access to a wider range of cutting-edge features to help you create a competitive advantage. Join this month’s TechTalk to learn how multi-cloud can advance your business! 

TechTalks key topics include:

  • Digital Transformation: adopting digital technology in place of manual processes to transform your business
  • Security: best practices and approaches to keep your customer and sensitive data secure
  • Collaboration: using technology to facilitate working with colleagues and/or customers
  • Working from Home: adjusting to remote work, telework. Employees working from their residence or someplace other than from the office
  • Productivity: using technology to increase efficiency of time and resources in order to create desired business outcomes
  • Resilience: a network’s ability to withstand the challenges of life and operations, from human error to migration failure to natural disaster
  • IT Efficiency: IT’s ability to perform required tasks in an effective and timely manner, while not hindering employees’ daily business functions)
  • Cloud: using cloud effectively, for collaboration and storage
  • Mobility: making use of cloud and other advanced technologies for data access and other business functions while allowing the use of personal devices for business purposes to enable remote work

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