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DWEN provides unique opportunities for members to connect in a variety of ways to share ideas, inspire change and support one another.

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We love to offer unique in-person experiences for our members to connect, inspire and transform together! DWEN has a long experience of offering both global and regional programs intended to support members in building their professional network and creating fun and valuable learning opportunities. Check out our upcoming event calendar for all the details.

Past Event Highlights


DWEN chapters make it easy for members to find and connect with others in their region interested in building their local network.  Chapter models vary based on region and are intended to support members in finding people and resources, gaining insight and support, swapping success stories and inspiring one another. Join or login to learn more about our members and how you can get involved or start one today!

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Interested in engaging in dialogue beyond the discussion forums? SIGs help members easily connect with others in similar industries, roles and with like interests to share resources, ideas and so. Regardless of region, SIGs can be created to help members foster strong relationships with others and are intended to provide year-round access to a community of peers interested in addressing similar challenges. SIGs are new to DWEN! If you’re interested in working with us to start a SIG, please reach out to us at