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Dell Technologies Entrepreneur Mentoring Program

We believe in entrepreneurs. Dell Technologies began as a startup rooted in the entrepreneurial vision of a single person. Starting or scaling is a critical time for any business and Dell Technologies empowers entrepreneurs through innovation and technology while supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem through programs like the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) and Dell for Startups.

The Entrepreneur Mentoring Program is an initiative designed to provide guidance, support, and expertise to entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey. Currently, we have limited seats in the mentoring program, but you can sign-up to our waitlist.  We will periodically invite members from the list as seats open.

As an entrepreneur, you will have access to a range of resources including 30-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions with mentors from Dell Technologies, our strategic partners and seasoned entrepreneurs who can advise on a variety of professional areas and conversation topics that are crucial for growth. Through these personalized online conversations, your dedicated mentor will play a key role in fostering valuable insight, inspiring ideas, and helping to expand growth opportunities for you and your business.


DWEN members from across the globe are welcome to participate in the Mentor Program.
While some mentors may be bilingual, the program is currently predominantly available in English.
As the program expands, more languages will be available.

Find full program details and responses to frequently asked questions in our Entrepreneur Guide below.

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Why Mentoring?

  • Entrepreneurs who receive mentoring are twice as likely to survive compared to those who do not.**
  • 89% of small business owners who didn’t have a mentor wish that they did.*
  • 80% of mentored businesses have witnessed long term success, growth, and business revenues. ****
  • 61% of current small business owners mentor others.*
*Kabbage Inc Report; **US Bureau of Labor Statistics, *** Small Firms Enterprise Development Initiative, ****Jupiter Business Mentors

What type of Mentors are available?

  • We have Mentors from several areas for example: Legal, HR, Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Venture Capital, Program Managers, and “Jack of all Trades”.

How are Entrepreneurs matched with Mentors?

  • You can browse our catalogue of mentors to book 30-minute conversations.
  • “Match recommendations” are made by the platform based on mentor’s profile and entrepreneur’s needs. Selected professional areas, conversation topics, and your profile information will help the matching technology work well.

What is expected of an entrepreneur?

  • Fill in your profile information so the mentor knows about you and your company.
  • Come to the conversation prepared with clear goals and questions.
  • Be open to feedback and look for guidance that help you make informed decisions.
  • Show respect and appreciation for the mentor’s time and expertise.
  • Provide feedback on your conversation after each session to improve the mentorship experience.

How is Feedback collected?

  • Your feedback helps us learn. There are feedback forms at the end of every session. These are important, please take them seriously and provide honest thoughtful feedback.


of small business owners agree that mentors have a direct impact on the growth and survival of their business

"This is THE best mentoring experience I have had to date! My mentor is an incredible listener who is helping me strategize the best next steps I should take, which is something I have needed. I am truly grateful for having access to my mentor and super glad I signed up to be part of DWEN when I did!"
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