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DWEN Woman On The Rise

Woman on the Rise is a program highlighting DWEN members and the impact they are making in their communities. Be sure to explore the women who have been featured to read about their entrepreneurial journeys and best advice for navigating the entrepreneurial life.

June 2024

Meet Nisha Nair, the visionary founder of Yamini Lifestyles, celebrated in ‘Magical 40 @ 40’ by CAFE. Her journey spans across Mumbai, Pune, and Delhi, overcoming military spouse challenges, birthed two cherished brands: ‘Joyera,’ adored in 72 defense lifestyle outlets across India soon-to-be seen at 5 international airport terminals in India, and ‘Aitihya,’ debuting on Jaypore.com and expanding to prestigious outlets like Pernia’s Pop-up Shop and Myntra. At Yamini Lifestyles, a world of exquisite Pure Silver & Indian Handcrafted Jewelry is celebrated for its timeless elegance. Their collections, where tradition meets innovation, offer a captivating fusion of artistry and fashion that enchants the discerning eye.

Nisha has hands-on eCommerce experience, navigating platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Etsy, and ONDC. She has overcome challenges like warehousing and can offer valuable insights. As a mentor, she guides women entrepreneurs through eCommerce intricacies, making her an invaluable resource for success.

Here's a little bit about Octavia

Octavia Goredema is an award-winning career coach, author and founder who guides professionals to unleash their full potential at work. Octavia is the CEO and founder of Fire Memos, an app that empowers employees to record and recognize their work accomplishments. Fire Memos is a Techstars portfolio company. An acclaimed career expert, Octavia is the author of PREP, PUSH, PIVOT: Essential Career Strategies for Underrepresented Women and the host of the Audible Original series, How to Change Careers with Octavia Goredema. She is based in Los Angeles, California.

Here's a little bit about Teresa

Teresa Ging is CEO & Founder of Sugar Bliss and has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Chicago in Economics and Statistics and a Patisserie Certificate from Le Cordon Bleu. She has also received numerous awards including the NAWBO Corporate Women Achievement, BMO Harris Celebrating Women, and has been invited by President Obama to attend the signing of the White House Council on Women & Girls. She is a Board Member of the Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Illinois and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce SBDC. Sugar Bliss is a woman minority-owned retail store and baked goods company headquartered in Downtown Chicago. Since 2007, Sugar Bliss has been offering catering services, corporate gifts, and a variety of baked goods including cupcakes, cake pops, French macarons, brownies, cookies, and more. Sugar Bliss also offers gluten-free and vegan baked goods and delivers and ships nationwide and worldwide.

Here's a little bit about Eunice

Eunice Baguma Ball is the Co-founder and Head of Operations at Ishango.ai, a social enterprise that develops AI and data solutions for companies globally whilst creating opportunities for data science talent in Africa. Eunice is a social innovation specialist who has spent the last 15 years working at the intersection of technology, gender and entrepreneurship in the UK and across Africa. Prior to setting up Ishango, she was a programme manager at Google where she helped establish #IamRemarkable, a global initiative aimed at boosting the career progression of women and under-represented groups within the technology sector and beyond. She also founded ATBN, the UK’s first tech community and consultancy connecting the UK and Africa tech ecosystems. At ATBN, she led various entrepreneurship and digital inclusion programmes with funding from Innovate UK, GCRF, Comic Relief and the EU. Eunice is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech and the author of Founding Women, a book showcasing the inspiring entrepreneurship journeys of 20 African women in tech. She holds a Masters in Social Innovation from the University of Cambridge, Judge Business School where she currently serves as a Social Innovation Fellow of Practice.

Here's a little bit about Alli

Alli Briaris is Founder of Drinks Kitchen Non-Alcoholic Aperitif. Her mission is to drive the trend for drinking mindfully and consuming alcohol less often so that you can life live with more clarity and energy. With over 27 years of experience across the wine & drinks trade and the uncanny timing of a new Food & Drink Development Centre opening in her town (Foodworks SW), Alli felt destiny had sent her a message. So she set about creating non-alcoholic recipes with complex and interesting tastes. June 2021 saw the launch of her core recipes; Orange Cinchona (bitter & woody), Spiced Rhubarb (fruity & warming) and Herb Verde (Fresh and vibrant). Grapefruit Piqante (Zingy) followed in 2023. The UK non-alcoholic drinks market is set to grow +72% by 2028 and 1 in 4 younger people don’t drink, so the tide is definitely turning. Alli's business has grown +36% YOY and online sales grew +215% during January 2024 and she's only just begun!

Here's a little bit about Anna

Anna Jordan is Co-Founder & CEO at Alchera Technologies, an AI start-up building software and machine learning to power data-driven infrastructure. Focused on sustainable highways & smart cities, Alchera specialises in helping operators of transport networks to be more efficient and productive, using real-world data in real-time. Alchera is working to unlock a future where we can fine tune our mobility infrastructure to adapt and respond to our society's needs, connecting individuals, businesses and communities. Underpinned by years of expertise in working in the mobility sector, Alchera's software and advanced machine learning models save organisations millions of dollars annually in operational efficiencies. With blue chip customers including Europe's busiest highway and partners with major global engineering firms, Alchera's software unlocks data-driven decision making for the transport infrastructure sector in the UK and internationally. Anna has operational experience scaling applied machine learning & AI SMEs in complex industry from Bio & HealthTech to big infrastructure, delivering work with national & local institutions, innovators and local & international businesses. Anna has an MSc in Physics from Imperial College London, and spent time working as a graphene physics PhD researcher in France before co-founding Alchera to tackle global challenges in transport operations.

Here's a little bit about Amber

Amber Allen, CEO and Founder of Double A Labs, is revolutionizing business communications with her innovative video chat platform. This platform effectively bridges the gap between remote and in-office work environments, encouraging efficient and engaging virtual experiences. Double A Labs' clients include Dell, AT&T, IBM, Google, Whole Foods, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Amber's career began with roles in global marketing and sales at Disney, Warner Bros, and Riot Games, where she directed the first-ever esports arena event. Since founding Double A Labs,Amber created the popular Friends TV show app (over 1 million downloads), and orchestrated large-scale events, from "Ready Player One" to the groundbreaking launches of HTC Vive and Magic Leap. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Amber actively contributes as a board member at the University of Texas's Game Development and Design Program, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), the Raiden Science Foundation, and the Center for Child Protection. She is the Chair of the Technology Network for Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).

Here's a little bit about Maritza

Pisqueya is a first generation, woman-owned, Latinx-American Food Company. A premium line of sauces and seasonings that celebrates Latin culture and traditions. The name Pisqueya [pees-keh-yah] honors Maritza’s ancestors and their natural way of cooking. The flavors embody a taste of home, inspired by the gap in Hispanic Caribbean representation in the global food market. Our clean label brand is rooted in family, heritage, and a commitment to sharing the delicious flavors from a different part of Latin America - the Caribbean. In this way, through the universal language of food, we live out inclusion by expanding the rich flavor palette of America.

Here's a little bit about Jenny

Jenny is the founder and principal of the Los Angeles based architecture firm, Oyler Wu Collaborative.  The firm is recognized for its innovative designs that span multiple scales and project types, ranging from small scale urban activations to large scale infrastructural projects.  Jenny approaches architecture with a critical and rigorous intent that challenges the typical vision of the built environment. She was recently awarded the 2021 American Academy of Arts and Letters Award. In addition to her architectural practice, she also founded LACE by Jenny Wu, a line of 3D printed fine jewelry in 2014.  Since its launch in 2014, LACE has catapulted as a leader in the jewelry industry, producing statements pieces that are unique in its design, production, and material quality.  LACE transformed the business model of a jewelry brand, embracing high design, innovation, and sustainability.   By incorporating technology into every aspect of business, LACE has made highly intricate and precisely designer pieces accessible and affordable.  Her iconic design, the Catena Necklace, was recently acquired by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in their permanent collection. Jenny was named one of the 4 design visionaries by Porsche and Dwell Magazine in their "Powered by Design" series, showcasing her pioneering work in 3D printing.

Here's a little bit about Maria

Maria Jose Palacio, a visionary fifth-generation Colombian coffee farmer with an unwavering passion for empowering her community. Born and raised in a celebrated coffee region of Colombia, Maria spent several years working in design in New York City before her heart led her back to her roots in 2016. Witnessing the struggles of her loved ones in Colombia to make a living through coffee farming, Maria knew she had to take action by co-founding Progeny Coffee. With a fierce commitment to uplifting others, Maria overcame numerous small business obstacles to co-create a thriving distribution platform that empowers coffee farmers and helps lift them out of poverty. At the heart of Maria's mission is the belief that education and entrepreneurship are vital to the success of these communities. Through her dedication to education and entrepreneurship, Maria has built a remarkable legacy that continues to inspire and uplift communities around the world. Follow Maria on Instagram and LinkedIn to stay connected with her work. 

Here's a little bit about Danielle

Danielle Boyer is a 22-year-old Indigenous (Ojibwe) robotics inventor and advocate for youth who has been teaching kids since she was ten. Driven by her family's own inability to afford science and technology education, she is passionate about making education accessible and representative for her community so that no child is left behind. Danielle creates equitable and innovative learning solutions for Indigenous youths with robots that she designs, manufactures, and gives away for free. In 2019, she created The STEAM Connection, a minority and youth-led charity that has reached 800k+ children with technical education with an emphasis on language revitalization. The STEAM Connection focuses on the future: ushering in a new age of education via personal and wearable robotics, artificial intelligence systems, and augmented reality. Danielle has been named one of PEOPLE Magazine's Girls Changing the World, a MIT Solve Indigenous Communities Fellow, a L'oreal Paris Woman of Worth, a Teen Vogue Indigenous Youth Changemaker, and a Verizon Forward for Good Winner. She is a two-time invitee of the White House with MTV and is a featured story in The Big Idea by MIT Solve x HP, an award-winning docu-series on three women innovators. "Indigenous Robotics" followed her life for a year and premiered at the MIT Museum. It is currently showing at film festivals. Danielle resides between both Southern California and Michigan.

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Woman of the Week is a program highlighting DWEN members and the impact they are making in their communities. Be sure to explore the women who have been featured to read about their entrepreneurial journeys her best advice for navigating the entrepreneurial life.

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