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It’s your moment to own it.

Meet our women on the rise and discover connections that inspire

It’s your moment to own it.

Meet our women on the rise and discover connections that inspire

DWEN Woman On The Rise

Woman on the Rise is a program highlighting DWEN members and the impact they are making in their communities. Be sure to explore the women who have been featured to read about their entrepreneurial journeys and best advice for navigating the entrepreneurial life.

Here's a little bit about Jaisheila

Dr Jaisheila Rajput is a Green Economy leader bringing a global perspective to the development of solutions for companies doing business in Africa. As Founder and CEO of Tomorrow Matters Now (TOMA-Now), she is passionate about empowering others to develop economic models for sustainability and inspiring change in the way we do business. TOMA-Now are value chain specialists leading the green economy in Cape Town, South Africa. Their client base is spread across Africa, Asia and Europe, focussing on global collaboration and input towards a sustainable future for all.

Here's a little bit about Karen

Karen Joyce considers herself a biographer for Mother Earth, using satellites and drones as her scientific illustrators. She shares her experiences drawn from more than 20 years as a geospatial scientist in academia, military, industry, and small business to help people discover science beyond lab coats and test tubes. But she has an ulterior motive. Joyce is passionate about how we can use drones and geospatial technology to watch over our environment and its changes. So the more people she can inspire to join her, the faster we can put plans in place to help keep the environment healthy into the future.

Here's a little bit about Souniya

Founder of WYN Studio, WYN Studio is a new age media company which has produced chart-topping and award-winning Original Podcasts and Branded audio shows. With an organic listenership of 3M+ across 211 Indian cities and 166 countries, WYN Studio is where Power of Audio meets Brand Stories. With over 10+ years of combined audio show production expertise, WYN has worked with brands and creators like Binance, Prime Venture Partners, HP, Nikesh Murali, Gurpreet Singh Tikku, Prakash Iyer and many more. Dive into the sound experience of some WYN Originals with shows like: 1) Kya Swaad Hai 2) Crypto Ki Duniya 3) Heirs Of the Pandavas 4) Practically Gita

Here's a little bit about Monica

Monica Peraza O’Quigley Born and raised in Mexico City, Monica Peraza-O’Quigley is a serial social entrepreneur, founding six companies and two non-profits to date. She founded and managed two successful businesses in Mexico City before moving to New York City in 1997 where she founded her third company. In 2005, Monica moved to Austin, Texas, where she founded two non-profits while envisioning her fourth company, alegreea.com, whose mission was to become the largest marketplace of women designers and artisans from Mexico. As a response to the Covid-19 pandemic Monica created a Just in order to provide access to markets to Women Creators through choosejust.com and developed The Teresa App that was specifically designed for Women Artisans. As the founding President of MexNet Alliance and co-founder of the Hispanic Alliance for the Performing Arts, Monica has actively shaped Austin’s nonprofit community through her passion for education and mentorship. She is a graduate of the Stanford Latino Entrepreneur Leaders Program and a member of the Aspen Institute Latinos & Society Program. In 2015, she received a resolution from The Senate of The State of Texas for her work on The Hispanic Alliance, and in 2016 she participated in The White House Initiative for Excellence in Education for Hispanics Forum. She is co-founder of the Dell’s Women Entrepreneurship Network in Austin. For more than a decade, the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) has brought women entrepreneurs together from around the world to help them connect with each other, scale their businesses, and ultimately succeed. She is on of the stories of Strength, Teamwork and Brand Purpose on Inc. Magazine, May/June 2020

Here's a little bit about Tash

I’m a tech entrepreneur focused on developing innovative retail solutions. After studying Business Management at University, I pursued a career in management consulting, working closely with FTSE 100 clients on their digital and business transformation at KPMG and Gate One. I founded Slip in 2021 to address the problems associated with in-store data capture. I was interested in how data can be captured at the point-of-sale to create a better and more informed omnichannel and frictionless experiences for retailers and their customers. Since launching the business, I have been named in TechRound’s 29 Under 29, and winner of Retail Week Live’s Data & Insight prize. I have succeeded in raising venture capital for Slip and am passionate about Women in Technology and mentoring young entrepreneurs.

Here's a little bit about Jana

Breathing new life into old things, looking at things from a different perspective, producing and managing sustainably. In this throwaway society, we want to work with the awareness of protecting our environment and helping old products get back on their feet. Whether in the original or in a modified form. We buy old wine-barrels from Spanish and French wineries to up-cycle them to wonderful furniture. Our Fass Schmiede was born from in August 2012 and the first wine barrels were converted into a wine barrel coffee table. Since then, this simple and plain form of recycling has become our goal and a lot has happened. In the meantime, several thousand wine barrels have passed through our hands and many people have been conjured up a new piece of furniture. So it was only a matter of time before we were able to turn this original hobby into a full-time job. In the future we will continue to dedicate ourselves to sustainability with full energy and motivation and implement new ideas with a lot of creativity.

Here's a little bit about Venus

Venus Quates is the President & CEO of LaunchTech, a minority, woman, and service-disabled veteran-owned company that provides technology and mission support solutions to customers in the Space, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Public sectors. In November, LaunchTech announced the relocation of its Headquarters to Huntsville. Venus founded the company in 2016, which was recently recognized as a 2021 Inc. 5000 Awardee, placing #66 Overall and #3 in IT Management. Inc. also recognized LaunchTech as one of the top 10 fastest growing Woman-owned companies in the country. In addition to her visionary leadership, Venus is an accomplished professional with over 20 years of domestic and international experience as a technologist and consultant. She has led several enterprise technology transformation and strategic planning projects and initiatives with major Fortune 100/500 companies, global banking giants, and leaders in the Aerospace and Defense industries ranging from $1M to $5B. Venus currently serves on advisory boards for various non-profits and STEM and veteran-focused initiatives across the country. She is also a member of the Forbes Business Council and Inc. Masters and looks forward to actively serving in the Huntsville community.

Here's a little bit about Robin

Robin McMahon is an American Businesswoman, entrepreneur, and founder of Searchable Everywhere Online, LLC, a YouTube channel Management Agency. Her company assists a range of clients in utilizing the competitive advantage of YouTube as a full-time marketing resource. Additionally, they offer management, consulting, training, among other YouTube-specific services. After graduating with a degree in Photography and Videography, she settled in Tennessee with her husband and two children. During her career in client services, she advanced from social media management to sales manager before overseeing the building and testing of a complete online sales system. An injury forced the early retirement of the award-winning photographer. She delved into her social media management education during her recovery—advancing to a Google YouTube Expert in 2021. In addition, she is an ambassador for Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network, Google’s WomenTechmakers, and Google for Startups Women Founders. She enjoys colorful things such as sunrises/sunsets, flowers, indoor plants, aquariums, and bright spreadsheets and graphs! As well as spending time with her family in the mountains, playing games or enjoying delicious food!

Here's a little bit about Dess

Dess is a Marketeer and Digital consultant. She is the founder of Naksa House, a Honduras-based digital agency focused on providing digital resources and services to small and female own businesses, and Inspira Network a developing platform that offers a supportive community and different sorts of resources for growth and wellbeing of women. Recently, she was named General Manager for Honduras Digital Challenge, the biggest incubator program for startups in Honduras. Dess was among the top 10 finalists at Women Do Tech, a female startup competition, and later a speaker and mentor for the same event, she has been working in the corporate scene for 20 years and the digital field for over 6 years, she's been a speaker on Innovation, Digital wellbeing and female empowerment in the corporate and tech fields, also a mentor at other events and organizations such as IEEE Latin America, HackTech Covid19 @IEEE, Citi Costa Rica, Ficohsa, Marriott Honduras, and others. Dess is the Latin America representative for The Kite Program, an NZ-based App program focused on mental health using digital tools. She describes herself as a Multi passionate entrepreneur, a divergent thinker, a digital octopus, and a radical listener.

Here's a little bit about VR

VR Small, Founder/CEO, Veteran Women’s Enterprise Center (VWEC), a national initiative to empower entrepreneur women associated with the military to scale for success. VR is driving social, and economic change across our nation as an active member of the Women Veteran Business Coalition, an the 30th Congressional District Veteran and TWU’s Center for Women Entrepreneurs Advisory Committees. She’s a fellow of SMU’s Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity—Inclusive Economy, Dallas Public Voices, and the Bush Institute Stand-to-Veteran Leadership Program. Featured in Dallas Innovates 2020: The Future 50 North Texans to watch, VR is SBA’s DFW District 2020 Veteran Small Business Advocate of the Year, a Women Veterans 2030 Commissioner, a Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Center for Women Veterans (CWV), 2021 Trailblazer “Women Veterans Leading the Way” and a Dallas Business Journal 2021 Women in Business Honoree.

Here's a little bit about Collette

Collette Divitto , Founder and CEO of Collettey’s Cookies and non profit Collettey’s Leadership Org was born in 1990 with Down syndrome. After years of rejection with trying to find employment, she would not let that defeat her and started not one but two companies, all missioned to create employment opportunities and empowerment programs for people with disabilities. Collette has sold over 500,000 cookies since 2016, and ships across the United States. She now employs 17 people and is determined to open more locations. Collette also offers workshops teaching independence, leadership and entrepreneurship! You may have seen her on CNN, Chronicle, ABC Nightly News, CBS World News, People Magazine, Entrepreneur and even Forbes! Collette will continue to build her empire with the determination to lower the unemployment rate of 82.5% for people with disabilities and she is hoping her TV reality show, on Peacock called Born For Business, will help change the world’s views for people with a labeled disability. Meanwhile when Collette’s not at the kitchen baking with her team and creating new recipes you can find her mentoring and coaching other people with challenges in life or on her you tube channel baking show. Collette is building partnerships across the US and in Canada! To learn more about her childhood you can find her book Collette in Kindergarten in stores and on Amazon. Her series of books will be released one at a time. Keep an eye out for Collette in Third Grade! This girl IS on fire!

Here's a little bit about Elizabeth

Elizabeth is CEO and Founder of OrangeDoor – a global events agency whose purpose is to enable change-makers to stand out and influence others. With over 30 years’ experience in the communications industry, her unique blend of PR, events and integrated marketing skills has helped to build an agency with a strong and internationally-respected reputation for delivering highly strategic and creative events, marketing programmes and experiences. Elizabeth has driven OrangeDoor forward for over nearly 21 years, working with some of the biggest and best technology and lifestyle brands in the world – from Dell to Domino, Cisco to Criteo and Medidata to Mizuno. Through these two decades, Elizabeth’s forensic attention to her clients’ communications and commercial objectives has become her, and the agency’s trademark; enabling her to become a trusted strategic adviser to many senior level executives and industry influencers in the process. Elizabeth maintains a passionate commitment to supporting and furthering the success of women in business and is a frequent Leadership Spokesperson for the MICE industry at events. OrangeDoor is a majority-female-owned-and-led organisation with strong purpose. Elizabeth has connected her business and personal values to actions by supporting Dell’s Women Entrepreneurs Network (DWEN), WEConnect International, the social enterprise ‘Collaborative Future’ and leading the business on the journey to becoming a B-Corp.

Here's a little bit about Patricia

Particia Monthe is a Proud Risk Taker, Challenger of Norms, Innovator, and on top of all a Human wants the best for other humans. The H2H empowerment demands her to get out of her comfort zone. At the core of her human identity, she is an innovator. Her brain truly vibrates for complex problems that require an uncommon journey to the solution. She is a passionate problem solver, with a heart for problems that impact people and a keen eye for inefficiency. The world is full of intriguing challenges and opportunities to disrupt them! She has made it a mission to do something constructive and transformative about it.

Here's a little bit about Kristian

Kristian Rene is a Managing Partner & Co-Founder of Colorado Campworks & Quixotic. Kristian and her team have created and are continuing to build the world’s first fully solar/electric mobile systems of living. Colorado Campworks relies on Quixotic technology to build adventure trailers that pack the same amount of power as an average American household uses in a single month. It doesn’t stop with solar panels on the adventure campers, the Campworks team holds a patent on biofuel that is high efficiency and super powerful made entirely of industrial waste. Colorado Campworks is the first application of the Quixotic and Wunder Institute technology.

Here's a little bit about Michaelene

Michaelene Cadiz is the Founder and CEO of the Bazzle Baby brand, a designer baby accessory and lifestyle brand that creates products to help the modern family navigate the major milestones in children's lives. Michaelene is a Hispanic, LGBTQ, female business owner who has taken her experience both professionally and personally to become a successful business entrepreneur and mentor. With nearly fifteen years of marketing and advertising experience, she has developed an expertise in building business, having led multi-platform communication strategies that have proven successes elevating marquee brands amongst consumers with direct revenue generation. In just nine years, Michaelene has transformed Bazzle Baby into a multi-national Juvenile Industry authority, expanding the brand to leading digital E-Commerce platforms, specialty boutiques, and Big Box retailers across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and most recently, Asia.

Here's a little bit about Giuliana

Giuliana Ubertini is the founder of the Happy Speaking Method. The Happy Speaking method derives from a mix of different studies and techniques: from improvisational theater to television formats, from coaching to meditation, from games to important international training tools, from laughter yoga to real comedy. Giuliana graduated with honors in Interculturality in Trieste, began traveling and teaching Italian abroad. She returned to Italy to specialize in audiovisual and multimedia management and obtained a scholarship for a master's degree in writing and radio and television formats. Giuliana Ubertini graduated with honors in Interculturality in Trieste, began traveling and teaching Italian abroad. He returned to Italy to specialize in audiovisual and multimedia management and obtained a scholarship for a master's degree in writing and radio and television formats. She realizes that she works more easily if she “puts her face to it” and starts writing and conducting infotainement columns on the web, travel programs in Italy and abroad, until she is selected by Rai as a teacher / tutor for Railab. And the passion for training takes over.

Here's a little bit about Brooke

Brooke Waupsh is the founder of an Austin-based company, Swoovy, that fuels volunteerism through connecting singles, couples, and groups with volunteer opportunities through their mobile application and desktop platform.  Brooke is an award-winning marketer with experience breathing life into stablished brands such as Coors, Clorox, and Charles Schwab, as well as successfully introducing a new consumer brand to the market within financial technology that is now nationwide and supported by the 4th largest network of financial institutions behind Bank of America, Chase, and Wells Fargo.  She was a finalist the past 2 years for the "Austin Under 40" awards for Start-Up and Innovation and has been featured as “Woman to Watch” by OnTheDot. Swoovy is a certified Women’s Business Enterprise by WBENC.

Here's a little bit about Rahmee

After spending over fifteen years in the fashion and textile industry working for other people, Rahmée Wetterich and her sister launched their company NOH NEE as a way to stay in touch with their African culture while living in Germany. Working as a cofounder of NOH NEE helped Rahmée to deepen her Cameroonian roots, inspiring her to involve the African continent more and more, not only through their business but also by giving back to the country. She soon founded Project Justine, an initiative to train young girls as tailors and give them the tools to pass down that knowledge to their communities, mirroring the way that Rahmée was first introduced to fashion and entrepreneurship.

Tell us a little bit about your business

Lau Global Consulting is a Caribbean Female-owned small business. LGC is a Global Business Strategy, Revenue Growth and Digital Marketing Consulting Firm. We Build Global Business. Global Brands. Strategic Partnerships. LGC is committed to providing expert guidance and support to Small and Mid Sized businesses who are unable to attract and retain the best full time talent and in need to expertise to develop Business Strategies, Plans, Restructuring and other key areas.

Here's a little bit about Tiara

Tiara started an online forum, Colors of Covid in 2020: Our Mission Create a village for People of Color to voice and share their experiences with COVID-19, and provide curated evidence-based information about the disease that quells disinformation/misinformation

Here's a little bit about Frederikke & Simone

We are the two founders of MEWALII. In MEWALII we make the most sustainable single use sanitary pads on the market. We are working on finishing our prototype and our goal is to launch in the summer 2021. Hereafter we’ll start developing tampons.
Frederikke Dahl, 25 years old and she is an engineer in Integrated Design. She is the product developer of MEWALII and has a lot of knowledge in sustainability.
Simone Westergaard, 26 years old and studying sport and health. Right now she has a year without study and full focus on MEWALII. She is responsible for communication in MEWALII.

Here's a little bit about Rui

Rui has co-founded Carry On Inc. in 2013. Operating “Carry On (Social Closet®) ” hassle-free sharing platform for gently worn children’s clothing. Launched original kids inner-wear DTC brand “kinico” recently. Well experienced in apparel, e-commerce , and CtoC. Outstanding role model of Tokyo’s female entrepreneur scene with her overwhelming iconic presence.Previously, 10+ years experience at event operation, public relations as freelance bilingual emcee/narrator/interpreter. 3 years experience at Maersk Line for international shipping business. Bachelor of Arts, Keio University 1997.

Here's a little about Lisa

Lisa Schulteis, Founder of ElectraLime Marketing, LLC is an expert in virtual event management and production. Lisa’s experience with live and virtual events comes from her years of working with Fortune 500 companies, Organizations, International Speakers and Influencers. She combines her systematic processes with her digital and online marketing experience to customize and manage the event from start to finish. She is a virtual event producer and manager who designs, builds and produces hybrid and virtual events. From virtual summits to large corporate events and full-scale conferences, Lisa provides the expertise to identify the right virtual stage to share your unique message.

Here's a little bit about Cathie

She has been recipient of several industry awards and honours including: induction into the Australian Businesswomen’s Hall of Fame in 2015, named one of the Top 100 Women of Influence by the Australian Financial Review in 2013, winner of the National Telstra Business Women’s Award in 2011, and recognized by Monash University with a Distinguished Alumni Award for Professional Achievement in 2012. A tech geek at heart, Cathie has always believed in the role digital solutions have to play in the delivery of exceptional healthcare.

Here's a little bit about Noga

I am a post doc who has been working on the development of the sensor grid in the last 3 years. I am a passionate scientist with a strong desire to contribute to the next generation of sensing technology.

Your advice to female entrepreneurs?

The best advice I have ever heard is ask for feedback from your clients because they will give you the answers to create valuable content!

Here's a little bit about Ann

If you've got a presentation in your future, I can help you nail the content, delivery and technology; DWEN has interesting & smart women to surround yourself with.

What surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

You never stop being one. Even when the company is off the ground, you should always be on the tip toes, constantly evolving and innovating. Complacency should never set in.

Your advice to female entrepreneurs?

Redefining my self-identity while going through life and career transitions was my turning point to step into my authenticity.

Here's a little bit about Jenny

Jenny D. Safransky, Founder of JDS Projects is an expert in client management and brand partnerships. A Bay Area Native with over 9+ years of experience in the advertising agency world, marketing and most recently securing brand partnerships for Music’s Biggest Brand, the GRAMMYs. Her goal is to share her knowledge and empower her clients by giving them access to tools for success. She is responsible for securing major brand & endorsement deals for some of the most diverse women creators, influencers and thought leaders out there. She helps them level up and tap into missed opportunities.

Here's a little bit about Adelena

Ms Adelena Lestari Chong is a successful, dynamic and strategic thought leader. She helps businesses be more successful and profitable through personal development and profitable connectivity. As a leadership coach, Adelena is an expert in identifying what motivates a person’s actions and results, that either moves them towards their success or draws them back. She assists leaders to strengthen their intellectual faculties so they begin to consistently live in possibilities and experience exponential results.

Tracie Jae, USA

Here's a little bit about Tracie

Tracie Jae founded The Quiet Rebel, which uses conversations laced with L.O.V.E. to incrementally and organically shift the status quo. Their core offering is a curated space for participants to listen to and learn from each other's lived experiences regarding race and culture. Tracie says, "I have had my most traditional success when I followed my gut instincts."

Sabina Saksena, USA

Here's a little bit about Sabina

Minnesota DWEN Chapter Leader Sabina Saksena is the founder of Cytilife, a tech company that works with college campuses, and has been doing so especially during COVID. Cytilife’s Smart Campus solution is mirrored and inspired by Smart Cities solutions, which is inspired by the notion of using smart technologies and data to transform the everyday lives of people to be more productive, healthy, resilient, and happier.

Miwa Tanaka, Japan

Your advice to female entrepreneurs.

Female entrepreneurs are still a minority in society as a whole. In many cases, we have similar challenges. I would be very happy if I could share the knowledge and networks I acquired and grow together to make an even greater impact.

Megan Zink, USA

Here's a little bit about Megan

I am a photographer, content marketer and travel lover by nature. However, due to the current worldwide pandemic and having been diagnosed with Crohn's Disease (an auto-immune disease) 20 years ago, travel is out of the question for me right now. It's devastating, to say the least. But I have decided to put my passions to use to create a new platform, called Color & Curiosity, which aims to encourage lifelong learning (especially through travel) and amplifying the stories of womxn who do it - entrepreneurs, women in tech, solo travelers, creatives - everyone - in an effort to help lift up their voices and accomplishments to present them with chances to grow outside their own networks.

Natalie Nixon, USA

Here's a little bit about Natalie

Natalie believes in the value of a pause – her new book is about just that! She made a shift after her 16-year career as a professor to pursue a creative spark. That spark led to the creation of her new book, The Value of the Pause.

Beatriz Alves, USA

Best advice you've recieved from a fellow entrepreneur?

Believe in yourself!! My advice to female entrepreneurs It won't be easy, be resilient and ask for help when you find it necessary

Stephanie Morimoto, USA

What makes DWEN stand out to you?

I love the diversity of members - the range of business types and sizes, geographies, experiences. I think DWEN is also doing a good job of sending content and resources that are timely and accessible - not too much, not too little.

Trecia Warnholz, USA

Here's a little bit about Trecia

I’m passionate about digital media and design and the way in which digital communication connects people, creates relationships, and inspires customers. District Digital is a boutique Web Development & Digital Marketing Company focused on providing personal, tailored web development and digital products for our clients. We believe in one digital reflection of your business across online platforms. Our mission is to empower our customers and partners to successfully and effectively accomplish their goals. We are small, nimble and competitively priced and have successfully served many businesses, charities and foundations in the DC metro area.

Dazia Rice, USA

What is the best advice you've ever received?

The BEST advice I've received was from a Top Producing Realtor from Atlanta, G.A by the name of Quiana Watson. I reached out to her prior to starting my business and asked her for advice. Her response was simple: "Take advantage of free advertising. Educate people through your social media posts. Learn about programs to assist in homeownership and follow up with all contacts weekly and always stay consistent."

Vikki Jones, USA

Here's a little bit about Vikki

Vikki is the Founder/CEO of VMH Publishing, a full-service book publishing platform built specifically for quality writers, creative and innovative minds. Vicky recently shared with the DWEN Community an issue of her company's magazine that's full of resources for small business owners.

Jigisha Thakor, USA

Here's a little bit about Gigi

As a Financial Adviser and Insurance Professional, Gigi has been helping her clients protect and achieve their financial goals for over 10 years. She is also a Co-Leader of the New Jersey Chapter.

Tiffany Tirres, USA

Here's a little bit about Tiffany

Tiffany is the Co-Founder and COO of WayWiser, a financial services platform with a mission to protect older adults from financial fraud and exploitation and help them live their best life. During COVID, WayWiser started working with Assisted Living Facilities and Slack to help keep its community members connected with their families during isolation.

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