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Amy Jo Martin, founder of Renegade Global, leads a discussion alongside economic and industry thought leaders including Anne Ravanona, Global Invest Her, Karen Campbell, S&P Global, and Carla Rodríguez, Intel.

  • The latest global city rankings from our new edition of the DWEN WE Cities Index – 2023, including 5 new cities.
  • Best Practices on how business owners and regional officials can embolden more Women Entrepreneurs by improving systems from the inside out.

About Dell WE Cities Index

At Dell Technologies’ Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), we partner with experts, entrepreneurs, and influencers – including policymakers and civic officials – to stand in the doorways of global economies and hold open the doors for women founders to access the resources they need: Community, technology, Insights, and capital.

WE Cities is our guide.

The Dell Technologies and DWEN WE Cities Index measures and ranks cities around the world based on their ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs. This research showcases how technology connects all other aspects of the business environment (markets, capital, talent and culture), provides recommendations for business owners and officials alike to improve systems from the inside out, and profiles global centers of commerce by their overall suitability for women who scale.

Since our first WE Cities Index in 2016, we have grown our canon of research to include indices in 2017 and 2019, and expanded our reporting to include individual city blueprints. In 2018, we commissioned our first Deep Dive Reports on capital and technology. And in 2019, in addition to a new Index, we produced our first official policy recommendations. This year’s WE Cities installment will add another index, five new cities, nine new individual city blueprints and a new, post-pandemic Technology Deep Dive Report. 

WE Cities offers powerful tools for small business owners to assess, contextualize, and leverage the global economic factors directly impacting bottom lines, or the ability to scale a business through new market entry or expansion.


City Blueprints

The WE Cities City Blueprints look at areas of strengths and areas of improvement to provide city leaders and policymakers with data-driven research and recommendations on how to foster high-potential women entrepreneurs. Click below to download more information about each city.

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