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Investor Masterclass with Nicole Glaros from Techstars

Ever wish you could get inside the heads of investors? Learn from Nicole Glaros, Chief Investment Strategy Office of Techstars. Watch this quick video to get to know her better and hear some of her funding advice. 

Use this DWEN Investor Masterclass, brought to you by Global Invest Her, to help you learn about what investors want, faster!

Who is the Investor Masterclass for?

  • Entrepreneurs who want to learn directly from investors about what they look for before investing!
  • You are starting your funding journey and want to learn more about what investors look for before investing in you.
  • You have started targeting investors, yet something is missing and you are not talking to the right people.
  • You want to apply to Techstars for one of their programs and possibly funding and want to get insider insights to prepare better.
  • You are curious about what key do’s and don’ts you should consider, before contacting investors

How this Investor Masterclass Will Help You

  • Get key information about Techstars, who they are, how they are set up and who they invest in.
  • Understand what Techstars look for in startups that apply so you can make sure they are a good potential choice for your startup before applying/contacting them.
  • Learn how to approach an investor and key tips from Nicole on what you need to do!
  • Get advice about seed VCs and the pros and cons of having them as investors.
  • Know how much equity to give up each round so you don’t give up too much!
  • Identify when is the best time to fundraise to help you plan your fundraising campaign
  • Learn what to look for in the first meeting so you can prepare for it
  • How to build a pitch deck and what key items help you get it right
  • How to ask for feedback from investors.

What’s Included in this Investor Masterclass?


Nicole Glaros, Chief Investment Strategy Officer, Techstars

Meet Your Instructor

Nicole Glaros, Chief Investment Strategy Officer, Techstars

About Nicole and Why Her Advice is so valuable

Apart from being all-round awesome, Nicole is a very bright, demanding Investor, who really tells it as she sees it. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicole a few years ago and loved interviewing for our webinar that became this Masterclass. Her style is frank, to the point and so practical, that you’ll find yourself taking lots of notes, so have your notepad ready! Nicole is the person who actually developed the original Accelerator model worldwide, and she has seen many thousands of early stage and growth stage startups pitch, so you can be sure, that you will get an expert eye and advice from her. As she says, there’s nothing she hasn’t seen before, so you’d better do your homework and prepare before reaching out to her! What you’ll find, when you talk to her, is someone who deeply cares about supporting startups and the startup ecosystem. With Nicole, and Techstars, you’re in great hands! CHECK OUT HER BLOG! called ‘Nearly Nicole’. Connect with her on Linked In

More about Techstars!

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Techstars is an operational investor supporting you on your entrepreneurial journey from idea to building the most successful business possible! Built and run by entrepreneurs themselves, Techstars understand the complexities of putting your ideas into action and scaling them. Their global network can support you by providing accessibility to capital, mentoring, finding customers, hiring talent, choosing the right infrastructure and so on… No matter what phase of building your business you are in… Techstars can support!

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