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The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN) connects female entrepreneurs around the globe with networks, knowledge and insight that gives them power to do more.

Dell Technologies is committed to accelerating the increasingly powerful role that women play in driving global economic growth. Through DWEN, Dell Technologies empowers female founders and aspiring entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and their vision through the power of technology, expansion of their personal networks and access to capital. Becoming a part of DWEN offers access to experts, champions, tools and experiences created to support members as they navigate their journeys together.

By spotlighting the entrepreneurial success, failures and lessons learned in a supportive and unique forum, DWEN enables a community of like-minded women to share experiences, lift one another up, create new business opportunities, explore global expansion and solve challenges together.

Who Joins DWEN?

The power of this community is in the experience of its members and it best serves those who see technology as an enabler in their businesses. They are using technology in innovative ways to reach customers, solve problems and create experiences. The members of this community understand that it’s not technology alone that is important in today’s businesses, it’s the connections, solutions and changes that technology enable.

Sound like you?

Join us today and begin taking advantage of the following benefits available to DWEN members.

The Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network will advance your business by connecting you with resources and a community of entrepreneurs who will inspire you to grow personally and professionally.


Access to a growing global community of women entrepreneurs, investors and advisors both in-person and online.


Share your stories, learn from others.
Take advantage of opportunities to be spotlighted on a global platform


Tailored content and technology resources to accelerate your business and help it reach it’s maximum potential.

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