2019 WE City Research

Executive Summary

It is extremely important to Dell to rate Global Cities’ ability to attract and support High Potential Women Entrepreneurs. In the Executive Summary you will find the following:

  1. Overview
  2. Highlights
  3. Scoring 50 Global Cities
  4. WE Cities 2019 Results
  5. Emerging Leading Practices
  6. Comparison to WE Cities 2017
  7. DWEN 2019 – Singapore Spotlight
  8. Further References

Research Methodology

As part of its thought leadership and commitment to Women Entrepreneurs, Dell has set out to benchmark and rate cities on their ability to attract and support High-Potential Women Entrepreneurs (HPWE), defined as women entrepreneurs who are scaling and growing existing businesses with the potential to break through the $1 million or more mark in annual revenue. Find the full research methodology here.

Policy Recommendations

Women are critical to our economy, starting businesses at exponential rates. While these businesses contribute greatly to the economy and society, their ultimate potential for impact can be limited due to the financial, cultural and political barriers women often face as they scale their businesses.

Through the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN), Dell Small Business and Entrepreneur programs, Dell is helping women-owned businesses get access to the right technology, networks and resources to grow.

Since 2010, Dell has invested in annual research to better understand the obstacles standing in women’s way of not just starting a business, but growing it. The 2019 Women Entrepreneur Cities Index (WE Cities) is designed to arm city leaders and policymakers with actionable, data-driven research on the landscape for women.

These key learnings, if supported by local governments, can add up to big changes for women-owned businesses globally.

Based on the findings from the WE Cities Index, Dell has developed a set of global policy recommendations. We call on both the private and public sector to take action on the following.

These global policy recommendations can be found here.

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