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Avoid “Shiny Objects”

with Masiha Hoye of Customer 1st

Avoiding “Shiny Objects” Marketing

We are all guilty of trying the latest and greatest. As a marketer, we love when people try our product. In fact, that is the goal of marketing. However, what happens when your time and resources are precious. Using the latest and greatest may not be the most effective way to generate sales. Join Maisha Hoye of Customer 1st Marketing for a discussion about how to avoid “shiny object” marketing.

Originally aired March 9, 2022 

About Maisha Hoye of Customer 1st Marketing

Maisha Hoye is CEO of BSHG, LLC which manages and markets Customer 1st Marketing, Maisha’s Lemonade Stand and other entrepreneurial brands. She believes in the entrepreneurial spirit and all her companies are created with the philosophy of Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics.) Her mission is to create wealth opportunities for herself, family and clients through the spirit of entrepreneurship and marketing know-how.

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