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Metaverse: A Must-Hear
Primer on What’s Next

Allyson Downey of
Meta Angels 
Thomas Willey of
Dell Technologies

Metaverse: A Must-Hear Primer on What’s Next

Entrepreneurs share two important distinctions – foresight and curiosity. We are driven by a simple question – “what if?” It comes so naturally; we often dismiss our own superpower- an endurance for the discomfort of not knowing. Tech Talks is designed as an opportunity to embrace it. Our recent roundtable – Blockchain: A boon or bust for your business? – was so well-received, we’re extending it to a meta exploration of the metaverse!

In this edition, Metaverse: A must-hear primer on what’s next (or now?) in business innovation, Thomas Willey, Digital COE, Dell and Allyson Downey, co-founder of Meta Angels stoke the curiosity in all of us. We’ll get ahead of the next human learning curve by discussing the what, why and how of metaverse and web 3.0, and explore its real-world impacts – and potential – for entrepreneurs.

Originally aired April 20, 2022

About Allyson Downey of Meta Angels

Allyson Downey is a serial entrepreneur, MBA, writer, and keynote speaker who has built a career on the power of trusted advice. She is the co-founder of Meta Angels, an NFT community harnessing metaverse relationships to unlock real life impact. Meta Angels has built first-of-its-kind NFT-lending technology into its smart contract, ensuring that the community remains accessible to the people who can most benefit from it. Allyson is also the CEO of Stellar Reviews, which helps brands increase sales by 40% by building an authentic, honest base of consumer reviews for their product launches. 

About Thomas Willey of Dell Technologies

Thomas Willey leads Dell Technologies Marketing’s Digital Center of Excellence team. The Digital COE is responsible for delivering digital priorities within Dell’s marketing transformation which includes modernizing the contact experience, establishing digital marketing platform ecosystem for our as-a-service business (APEX), and incubating web3 marketing experiments including with privacy-focused browsers, NFTs, and metaverse.

About DWEN Empower Hour: Tech Talks

When we want to know how, we’ll ask Google. When we want to know why, when and to what end, we go to DWEN. Our Empower Hour: Tech Talks difference is in the context. We approach technology as a “what if?” not a “how to.” Our experts deftly translate their technical & leadership expertise into useful insights to inspire smarter growth.