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The Hidden Value of
Managed Service Providers

with Suzanne Quinn
& Lisa Hamon of

The Hidden Value of Managed Service Providers (MSPs) 

Suzanne Quinn & Lisa Hamon of rockITdata, a managed services provider, join us to explore how managed services providers – MSPs – power boost your growth plans! We’ll uncover their hidden value by exploring how MSPs augment various business capabilities, and the range of growth points where MSPs can fuel your momentum or fill your team’s gaps. We’ll also discuss  and how to find the best MSP based on your growth goals. Come prepared with questions about how to leverage MSPs as strategic partners to power your ambition!

Originally aired on June 15, 2022 

About rockITdata

rockITdata is a certified Veteran, Minority, Woman-Owned Small IT consulting and staffing firm focused on giving people the opportunity to work with cutting edge technologies with organizations across the globe. As an experienced AWS, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Data Integration consulting firm, they’ve successfully overseen hundreds of implementations for organizations. rockITdata’s dedicated approach for all-sized organizations provides expertise and hands-on guidance with a consistent result: focused, scalable solutions established to meet long-term business goals.

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