TECHTALK: Cybersecurity for Entrepreneurs: How to Protect Your Business End-to-End

In a recent data breach report, a cyber breach occurs every 39 seconds. Are you prepared to protect your business and customer data? In an increasingly digital world, entrepreneurs must prioritize cybersecurity to safeguard their businesses.

In this session we’ll cover how you can protect your business in three key areas:
– Risk Mitigation: Learn how to identify and assess cybersecurity risks unique to your business, enabling proactive protection.
– Employee Training: Empower your team to become a vital shield against cyber threats through effective cybersecurity training.
– Strategic Preparedness: Gain strategies to fortify your business’ cybersecurity posture, ensuring resilience in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


About the Speakers

About Camille

With over a decade experience starting and leading product lines in tech from edge to cloud, Camille eloquently humanizes and distills complex technical concepts into enjoyable conversations. Camille is the host of “InTechnology” podcast and its “What That Means” episodes, where she talks with top technical experts and senior industry leaders about hot topics in cybersecurity, sustainability, and technology—often delving into AI/ML. She is part of Intel’s Security Center of Excellence, where she heads communications for security software and services.

About Prajakti

Praj is a distinguished and forward-thinking Cybersecurity and Risk strategist and operational powerhouse. She brings almost twenty years of extensive technology risk experience helping organizations break through and elevate the enterprise to another level. She is recognized as a subject matter expert, prominent leader, and innovative technology risk executive. She demonstrates a proven track record of success in mitigating risk, maintaining a world-class security and risk infrastructure, and operationalizing the technology vision advancing the company into the next phase of growth.

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