TECHTALK: Use GenAI to Challenge Traditional Thinking and Embrace Innovation

Is GenAI here to replace human creativity or improve it? Join us as we discuss the creative potential of GenAI and how startup founders and small business owners can use it to explore creative ideas, democratize innovation, and inspire fearless thinking.

Key Takeaways:
• The Role of GenAI in Creativity: Explore whether GenAI is poised to replace or enhance human creativity, delving into its potential impact on the creative process.
• Democratizing Innovation: Understand how startup founders and small business owners can leverage GenAI to democratize innovation, fostering an inclusive environment for creative exploration.
• Inspiring Fearless Thinking: Uncover ways GenAI can inspire fearless thinking, empowering entrepreneurs to push creative boundaries and unlock new possibilities for their ventures.

About the Speakers

About Amber

Amber Allen, CEO and Founder of Double A Labs, is revolutionizing business communications with her innovative video chat platform. This platform effectively bridges the gap between remote and in-office work environments, encouraging efficient and engaging virtual experiences. Double A Labs’ clients include Dell, Disney, AT&T, IBM, Google, Whole Foods, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. Beyond her entrepreneurial endeavors, Amber actively contributes as a board member at the University of Texas’s Game Development and Design Program, the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), the Raiden Science Foundation, and the Center for Child Protection. She is the Chair of the Technology Network for Young Presidents’ Organization (YPO).

About Sarah

Sarah Burkhart is the Senior Director of Product Management for Software and Experiences in the Dell Client Solutions Group. Sarah is a seasoned product management leader who has built a career around moving the needle for the experiences our customers have with the Dell client portfolio. Her team defines and delivers innovative solutions for Dell PCs that delight end users and enterprise IT decision-makers at a time when people’s expectations about their PC are rapidly evolving. A native Texan, she and her family of five (three young boys!) keep busy and active exploring all there is to do in Central Texas.

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