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Welcome to the Funding Hub, brought to you by DWEN in partnership with Global InvestHer. Thinking about looking for funding and don’t know where to start? Want to learn about the fundraising process, key players and steps involved? Or are you currently fundraising? This is for you! Together, we have specially curated and created resources with a female founder focus, to help you figure out your next steps, target the right investors and get investor-ready.This will be your go-to resources for funding! Dive right in


Learn from female founders, like you, who have already raised funding. Be inspired and get lots of practical funding tips to help you on your own journey!

  • Learn from other women entrepreneurs, including from the DWEN Community about how they raised funding
  • Apply to be featured on InvestHer Directory – to be found by customers, investors and partners
  • Listen to the funding journeys of other successful women entrepreneurs on InvestHer Podcast


There are many sources of funding and different types of ‘funders’ out there who could potentially invest in you. Who are they and how do you choose the right ones for your company? This section will help you with that.

  • Learn about what different funders/investors want
  • Find the right investors for you, thanks to the Funders Directory
  • Listen to in-depth interviews with real funders via InvestHer Podcast

Funding Academy

Need more in-depth knowledge, tips and insights about key parts of funding? This is where the DWEN Funding Academy can support you. Here you will find courses and masterclasses on key funding topics to help you go deeper into specific topics, brought to you in partnership with Global Invest Her. Check them out below! 


Here are some more great resources to help you learn about and prepare for funding.

Join the Funding Forum to converse and
share with others looking into funding!

Join the Funding Forum to converse and
share with others looking into funding!