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Welcome to your DWEN Funding Hub, specially created and curated to help you navigate your funding journey and find resources, strategies, and practical tools to help you take action. With our partners at Global Invest Her, we want you to confidently move forward. This Hub houses the resources you need – from webinars about funding resources in your region, practical tips to get pitch-ready, and stories of the funding journeys of other women founders who’ve been on the path before you. Ready? Let’s get started.

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Watch this interactive and dynamic panel for insights into how female founders can navigate today’s market landscape and discover the crucial support they require to thrive


Anne’s webinars are great. She shares how to find funding and ways to help women in business succeed.

- DWEN Member, Maria Valencia


I'm a single mom (of a teenage daughter) so time is always scarce! Anne’s webinar was definitely worth my time, and maybe even more importantly, motivating.

- DWEN Member


Anne shared interesting research results from a study which were practical and immediately implementable tips on how to go about getting the "right investment"

- DWEN Member


Every webinar I've attended has moved my knowledge needle further. I'm so thankful.

- DWEN Member

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Additional Resources

The Dell Grants Office offers experts in grants development and is committed to reducing barriers to funding. 

The Grants Office helps empower businesses to advance their projects in the public and private sectors through grants and they specialize in all types of funding from federal and state governments, international organizations, regional associations, and private sources. Learn more.

The Woman Entrepeneur (WE) Cities Index measures and ranks cities around the world based on their ability to attract and support high potential women entrepreneurs. This research showcases how technology connects the business environment, provides recommendations for business owners to improve systems, and profiles global centers of commerce by their overall suitability for women who scale. Learn more.

You have access to the DWEN Mentor Program to book 30-minute one-on-one mentoring sessions with mentors from Dell Technologies, strategic partners and seasoned entrepreneurs who can advise on a variety of professional areas and conversation topics that are crucial for growth. Learn more.

Go Further – Scale Up 

There are many sources of funding and different types of ‘funders’ who can potentially invest in you and your business. Visit the Global Invest Her library to dive deeper into all things funding.  Participate in the Global Invest Her Masterclass to get investor ready, watch talks and interviews with fellow women entrepreneurs or listen along with the Invest Her podcast.  

Funding Hub Partner

Anne Ravanona, founder & CEO of Global Invest Her, and our partner and industry authority at our DWEN Funding Hub, is a passionate women’s advocate and recognized authority on funding women entrepreneurs. She is on a mission to get 1 million women entrepreneurs funded by 2030. Anne and her Global Invest Her team work tirelessly to change the funding game by helping women business owners get funding, faster. They Curate (Founder and Funder Directories), Convene (InvestHer Summit) and Catalyze (Advocacy) to help change the funding game and close the funding gap for women entrepreneurs.